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Lumina Training recently closed its doors. We thank you for your prior patronage and would like to refer you to the website of Kantola Productions, producer of our best-selling harassment training products. Kantola has been producing award-winning training videos since 1985, including several superb harassment videos. Products are available on DVD, plus online E-Learning and SCORM compatible courses, ready for your LMS.  

We encourage you to visit the kantola website at www.kantola.com.

Featured Product:


Sexual Harassment Training DVD

Our most popular sexual harassment training video sets a
tone of courtesy and respect throughout your workplace.
With experts in the field adding their insights, you'll learn
the definition of sexual harassment and see realistic scenes
that offer examples of what is—and what is not—workplace sexual harassment.




Training in California?

We offer specific DVDs
for Sexual Harassment Training
in California, Click HERE!

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All our programs are available as Free Online Previews.



About Us

Sexual Harassment Training and More with Lumina

Welcome to Lumina Training, where we are attuned to the needs of human resource professionals and business owners and are committed to providing superior employee training. Employee and management training are every organization’s first line of defense. Lumina’s training programs provide the education, guidance and authority to help everyone in your company rise to the challenge of preventing, recognizing and reporting workplace issues. We specialize in training programs that address:

Sexual Harassment and Harassment Training

Sexual Harassment and Harassment Training are the most important issues facing businesses today. Each program is chosen with utmost care to ensure you reach your goals of an improved and enhanced workplace environment and a decreased risk of legal claims.

Many businesses come to us specifically for our selection of Sexual Harassment training programs. These programs will help your staff to understand and appreciate appropriate work place etiquette. With the clear, systematic approach found in our Sexual Harassment Training videos, your employees will learn the definition of sexual harassment and obtain an accurate picture of their role in preventing and reporting harassment. Sexual Harassment Training will help managers learn how to follow practical guidelines to prevent sexual harassment, how to identify and prevent sexual harassment from becoming a part of the corporate culture and the impact of the 1998 U.S. Supreme Court ruling on sexual harassment. Sexual harassment training should be used as a prevention measure to avoid any unpleasant issues before they can ever result in a lawsuit.

Lumina’s competitively priced training programs for employees and managers will allow you to:

  • Create respectful work environments that support a diverse work force
  • Prevent harassment from becoming part of the workplace culture
  • Help your employees make good choices
  • Use Sexual Harassment Training to understand what sexual harassment really is
  • Comply with relevant employment laws and avoid litigation


At Lumina we take our role as educators seriously. Our content-rich website has case studies, quizzes, links and resources – that you can use now to update your knowledge base and inform your future trainings. We have what you need to make sure that your employees are kept updated on important new developments and educated about sexual harassment, diversity, ethical and legal compliance. Our product specialists know our products and can skillfully guide you toward the absolute right training programs that best meet the needs of your workplace. Contact us now and we’ll be happy to help you find the training program that best suits your needs.




"Rob wonders who is harassing him and why..."
Can he take action?

"My co-worker keeps asking me out, not matter how many times I say no.."
What should I do?

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