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for Sexual Harassment Training
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Buyer agrees that DVDs or CDRoms sold or licensed hereunder will not be resold or sub-licensed and will not be used on any online meeting software. Buyer recognizes that all products sold on this website are copyrighted and buyer will do nothing to violate that copyright. Any duplication, editing, alteration, translation, reverse engineering, and/or copying of any DVD or CDRom sold or program previewed is expressly prohibited. However, should you or your company wish to offer any program via digital distribution (streaming media) over a central computer or server, this can be arranged by purchasing a license. Pricing is based on the number of viewers, accesses and timeframe. Each training program has different licensing requirements. Please contact Customer Service to inquire about this. In addition, please see Online Courses for more information about providing training to distant locations or individual computers.


"Rob wonders who is harassing him and why..."
Can he take action?

"My co-worker keeps asking me out, not matter how many times I say no.."
What should I do?

Chase Manhattan Bank
National Park Service
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